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We are constantly evaluating our females and will breed them only after they prove themselves in the woods.  I do believe that careful examination of the pedigree when selecting sire and dam is essential and should be used in addition to other criteria such as intelligence, hunting ability, conformation, health, starting age, etc. 






Rebel Red Kennels will continue to raise few litters and remain focused on producing high quality puppies. Socializing the puppies is a priority for us and we believe that the extra time we spend with them along with their exposure to our other hounds and the sights and sounds of the farm produces a more social and confident puppy.

Although we focus on breeding to retain their hunting instincts, we have come to realize that Redbones also make wonderful companions. Our hounds not only hunt and tree raccoons but also are very happy sitting on the couch with us chewing on their favorite toy. Our biggest concern in placing puppies is that they go to “good homes.” Folks considering a Redbone as a companion need to know that although we believe they are great family dogs, they will need plenty of exercise and will not be happy if they do not get the proper time and attention they require.

All puppies will be permanently identified via Pro-ID microchips.  Our hope is the microchips will offer protection against loss, theft or separation due to natural or personal disaster.  Each puppy will have their very own unique identification number.  You and your puppy will be enrolled in Home Again which is a pet recovery network in the United States.  We will handle the entire process for you. 

Shelters, veterinarians and rescue teams scan for microchips.  If your puppy is ever lost, our hope is that they will be able to find their way home when their number is scanned and Home Again is alerted.  Operators are available 24 hours a day to help reunite lost pets with their families.  We are proud to offer you this service.


Thank You

Thanks to all of the families that have added Rebel Red puppies to their homes.  We feel very lucky to have placed all of the puppies in the Penny x Kobie litter into exceptional homes and look forward to sharing updates as they arrive.  This was the only litter we will have in 2014.  We are always looking ahead, so check in from time to time to see what the future holds for Rebel Red puppies.

All the best,





  • All Puppies are $500 picked up here at the kennel or $600 plus shipping expenses, if shipped.

  • All Puppies are Micro-chipped and Enrolled in PETtrack

  • Puppies are UKC Registered.

  • Puppies are AKC Registered.

  • Litters are UKC Performance Program Nominated.

  • Sires and Dams are DNA Profiled.

  • All Puppies are guaranteed.

  • Puppies will be up to date on all worming and vaccinations.  You will receive a copy of the schedule.

Rebel Red Puppies are bred to be both hunters and companions. It is our belief they can play both roles. Our primary concern is that these puppies find good homes.  These puppies will grow up to be very active and need to be in an environment that allows them to get plenty of exercise.




  • We require a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.
  • We will accept six deposits (three males and three females) for each litter.
  • Once the maximum number of deposits is reached, a waitlist will be established. There is no deposit required to be on the waitlist. We will contact you once the puppies are born and deposits can be sent at that time.
  • Please see the upcoming litters section below for more information.
  • You can email us at sam@rebelredkennels.com with any questions or to reserve your puppy.




  • We strongly encourage picking up your puppy if at all possible. Weather conditions will greatly influence when your puppy can travel if it is being shipped.
  • We ship via air or ground.
  • Estimated fees associated with domestic shipping (international will vary) are approximately:

                    $75 health certification (domestic)

                    $300 to $400 for air (domestic) or $200 to $350 for ground

                    $75 crate (no crate required if shipping via ground)

  • Puppies must be eight/ten weeks old to be shipped.
  • If the need arises for us to board your puppy past eight weeks old, we will try to accommodate you, but do require that the puppy be paid in full by eight weeks of age.



Special Note: The studs selected for our females will be 2014 UKC Performance Sires which makes the puppies eligible to be Performance Puppies.  The entire litter will be nominated for the UKC Performance Program.  Puppies will be both UKC and AKC registered.

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Last Updated on Sunday, February 23, 2014